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1661 International Dr
Suite 400
Memphis, TN 38120
Office: (901) 818-3064
Mobile: (901) 337-4815

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you serve?

We are independent financial advisors to families, high net worth individuals and institutions.

What is your investment style?

Our investment thesis based on Buffett-Graham investment philosophy.We invest in market leaders with pricing power and trading at reasonable price multiples.

What is the basis for individual equity selection

We select every equity based on fundamentals not on technical patterns. We perform in-depth analysis of corporations from publicly available market data such as quarterly and annual reports from SEC and company news releases.

What is the typical period of equity holding in your portfolios?

Typically our investment time horizon is long term. However for separately managed accounts we consider individual liquidity constraints.

Do you hold custody of funds?

We never hold custody of client funds We use low cost Interactive Brokers as our custodian.